Two robots were recovered this week from the Pike River Mine drift access tunnel.

Recovered army robot

Army robot recovered this week 944m up the Pike River Mine drift

A second army robot recovered 944m up the drift is a Wheelbarrow Revolution MK8 which went in prior to the 2010 second explosion, as part of the recovery operation at the time. This robot is approximately 1m high by 65cm wide and weighing 290kgs.

Water Corporation robot recovered

Water Corporation robot recovered 953m up the Pike River Mine drift

The other robot recovered on Tuesday 953m up the drift belonged to Water Corporation and went into the mine after the explosions. This robot is approximately 1.3m high by 1.0m wide and 2.4m in length weighing 1200kg, and carried in a smaller robot which made its way further up the tunnel and is expected to be recovered late July.
The first of the army robots was recovered three weeks ago at 759m, and a Water Corporation robot recovered before that 532m into the drift.
All items recovered are handed to the Police forensics team on site.